Flixmedia for Retailers

We understand global retail because we listen to global retail. Deliver the Right Message, to the Right Person, at the Right Time, Instore & Online!

Flixmedia is the world’s foremost provider of rich, digital content solutions to global retailers. For over a decade, over 1,600 retailers across Europe, Asia and the U.S. have trusted Flixmedia to help them sell more. We understand global retail because we listen to global retail. We understand the issues, the problems and the goals. We recognise that retailers all over the world are under tremendous competitive pressure to optimise their conversions, both instore and online, and critically, to optimise the margin on those sales. Flixmedia’s role is to provide innovative services to help you as retailers to achieve both by optimising conversion, basket value and profit margins on sales.

Retail Solutions Portfolio: Quick Glance

Rich Product Pages

Proven ‘Instant-On‘ service for increasing your ‘Add to Cart‘ sales across brands.
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Dynamic Hotspots

Optimise Hero Image on product pages with an engaging, interactive Shopper Experience. Learn more

Shopper Reviews

Drive up sales conversion by adding consumer reviews to your product pages.
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Product Recommendation

Optimise your upsell and cross sell opportunities with our Product Recommendation Engine.
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Virtual Advisors

Drive conversion by replicating key elements of the instore experience.
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