>making shopping fun <

Point & Place is a free turn-key Shopping Platform that allows you to instantly add Augmented Reality shopping to your own websites, your retailer sites and deploy in-store.

Compatible on iPhone 6s and up,
iPad 5th Gen and up; running iOS11.0+

How it works

1. Open the Point & Place Shopping Platform.

2. Select your product.

3. Point your device toward the area you want
to place the product and tap the screen.

Try it with a tap

Surprise and delight shoppers with a new and engaging way to educate them about your product, how it works and how it looks in their own home.

Shop with confidence

Allow shoppers to check out your products and share ideas with friends and family via WhatsApp, Facebook, or by uploading to Instagram, with the hashtag #pointandplace and share your product with the world!

More every day

We not only dedicate significant technical time, cost, and focus on developing the Shopping Platform on your behalf, but also produce and host all your AR product experiences too.

> how it looks <


Once you add the code, the Point & Place icon will appear next to all products that we have AR models available for. The shopper downloads the Point & Place Shopping Platform, clicks the logo on the product page and the AR experience is delivered.


Once you add the code, the Point & Place icon will appear next to all products that we have AR models available for. When the shopper scrolls over the icon, a popup will appear telling them how to download the App and view the product.


Every box in-store is shipped with a barcode printed on it.
Enable your shopper to access the AR experience by asking your brand, or merchandising partner, to add the sticker to all participating Brand boxes.

> in the press <

July 27th 2018 in Essential Retail

Currys PC World launches AR app

Currys PC World has rolled out an augmented reality (AR) app called Point and Place to help convert customers who are thinking of buying a big ticket item. Shoppers who are considering buying a fridge or a television can use their smartphones to virtually “see” the products in their own homes. Speaking to Essential Retail earlier this year, head of technology at parent company Dixons Carphone Kash Ghedia, said AR has the potential to completely change the way consumers shop.
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July 23rd 2018 in VR Focus

Visualise Products At Home With Currys PC World’s Point And Place AR App

With the rise of augmented reality (AR) one of the earliest use cases for the technology on an enterprise level for consumers was through retail, with companies like IKEA creating apps that would allow customers to place items digitally in their own home. Now British technology retailer Currys PC World is trying the very same thing with its new Point and Place AR Shopping Platform for Apple devices.
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July 23rd 2018 in eDelivery

Currys PC World Launches Augmented Reality App to Help Customers Reduce Returns

Electricals retailer Currys PC World has become the latest retailer to launch an Augmented Reality (AR) Shopping Platform that allows its customers to visualise more than 800 products – from fridges to televisions and printers – in their home.
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July 21st, 2018 in Techprior

All-New ‘Point & Place’ AR Platform For Retailers And Brands

This Augmented Reality Shopping Platform promises to make shopping fun.
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