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“We have found Flix to be professional, resourceful and responsive. It has been excellent to see retailer product pages light up with Samsung’s rich content and for Flixmedia to prove to us empirically that it is driving up sales conversion.”


“We considered all the options in the market. Flixmedia were the only provider that could deliver to the level we require, across the facilities we require.”

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“I’m delighted to continue our close alliance with Flixmedia – the ease with which Flixmedia INpages can be integrated, coupled with the vast array of brand partners for which Flixmedia has official rich content makes this an easy decision.”

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“Flixmedia has become an integral part of our online strategy in 2015. They’ve understood our premium standards and excelled in producing some great content which has wowed both our retailers and customers.”

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“Flixmedia quickly understood our challenges and provided a robust approach to address them. In addition to having the right network of retailers, Flixmedia could accommodate our requirements for consolidating and delivering Sony’s content.”


“We have really enjoyed collaborating with Flixmedia. As production lead on a large video project Flixmedia were impressive from the beginning. They are a joy to work with; professional, personable and responsive. It was clear that Flix always had our best interests in mind.”

What we do

Flixmedia helps optimise & influence sales across all your channels, with an engaging and personalised experience for your shoppers.

For over a decade, we have been trusted by in excess of 100 of the world’s biggest brands and 1,600 of the world’s biggest retailers.

Founded in 2005, we have offices in the UK, USA and India serving over 80 countries for our global Retail and Brand partners.

Our primary role is to provide innovative services that help our partners optimise sales conversion, basket value and profit margins on sales with impactful solutions to engage shoppers.

With over 1.1 billion shoppers browsing across the Flixmedia Global Retail Network every year, it’s a rich sample set in which to study shopper behaviour patterns.

We believe that fantastic Shopper Experiences come from relevancy and personalisation. Our purpose is to ‘join the dots’ for our Brands and Retailers and help you understand how buying decisions are being made and how we can deliver a personalised, omnichannel shopping experience to your shoppers.

Proud to serve the World’s biggest Brands & Retailers